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CDM Core Values

The following are the core values that the CDM management believes in and encourages its employees to embrace as well.

  1. Integrity. We will strive to maintain the highest level of integrity with respect to our clients as well as the employees who work with us.
  2. Faith. We are a Christian run organization and management will conduct business with its clients, and employees, in a manner consistent with Christian beliefs.
  3. Ethical behavior. Ethics and legality do not necessarily go hand in hand. Although some things may be legal they may not be ethical. A culture will be fostered within our organization that holds to ethical behaviors foremost, as well as legal.
  4. Teamwork. Teamwork is essential to the success of any organization. We will endeavor to cultivate a teamwork mentality within management and the support teams that work with us.
  5. Innovation. Innovation is a key to the future of our business. We encourage all employees to use their unique talents and experience in seeking & suggesting new and innovative processes, procedures and products regardless of how crazy they may sound. If you don’t swing the bat you’ll never hit the ball.
  6. Superior customer service. Without our customers we have no business. Customers will be taken care of as the top priority.
  7. Respect for the individual. We recognize that each individual that works with us is unique with their own personality and needs. We will not tolerate disrespect for any individual.
  8. Trust. Trust in each other is crucial and contributes to a strong organizational culture. Lack of trust fosters a negative climate. We will therefore encourage trust among team members, individuals and management.
  9. Celebration of individual & team achievement. We recognize that personal and team achievements contribute to sense of accomplishment and self esteem. Achievements will be recognized and celebrated within the organization.
  10. Empowerment. Empowerment builds self efficacy and confidence that leads to the growth of the individual and the organization. We will actively encourage everyone that works with us.
  11. No tolerance for Gossip. We understand that chit chat and the company grapevine are a part of any organization and is a normal activity. We will, however, have a zero tolerance policy for gossip that involves untruth or is intended to harm, demoralize, slander or otherwise cause a negative climate to exist within the organization or among employees.

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